Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has helped by sharing and donating right off the bat.  Currently we're up $125--so that's really big.  I have $400 to that puts us at 1/6 of the way there!  I am keeping everyone's addresses who donates so they can receive thank you cards and progress reports.  I'm working on making it so people can call the vet and donate directly there in case they have trouble with Pay Pal or don't trust strangers on the internet.  I'll keep you updated.

Thanks again, everyone!
Jillian Danson + Buckley

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is Buckley, my Feline-American companion. He's about 11 years old and has been kind enough to not run away, even though I make him do horrible things like stay off the counters and briefly move to New Jersey...

For the past year, though, Buckley has felt terrible.  He has a tumor in his ear canal that doesn't let fluids drain.  It keeps getting infected, and the vet bills keep me from affording his surgery.  He needs his entire ear canal removed or the problem will just continue to worsen.  He either loses his hearing and ear canal or he has a slow, painful decline ahead of him.

Nobody who has met Buckley wants the second option to happen.  See, when he feels good, he's got pizazz--he's got character.  He comes when I call his name, obeys orders, fetches, and wrestles with me in the yard.  If I go jogging, he will trot along beside me.  He is sweet and smart and independent and as much as I'd like to claim he got those traits from me, his awesomeness is totally his own.  And he's so very funny.  He's made a lot of friends over the years; they can confirm.

So, I'm taking donations to help with his surgery.  Removing his ear canal will cost about $3,000.  He even has to get a CAT scan, which is a little punny.  I've got a link to my Paypal Account and if you have a couple of bucks, please consider donating them to my bubby. 

His surgery is scheduled at the Upstate Vet Specialists, located in Greenville, SC.  You are welcome to call and verify his information and the costs of his procedure.  He is listed under "Buckley" Danson.  I am also more than willing to provide receipts and further proof of the good your donations will do upon request.